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Rev 1

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Revolution Rev 1

Rev 1

Rev 1:: Beginner/Intermediate

Back by popular demand is the kite that started it all ! Joe Hadzicki applied basic aircraft design theory to his innovative idea of a 4-line kite using two independently controlled wings. Increasing or decreasing lift on either respective wing resulted in an ultimately high degree of the controllability of its flight direction, turns, speed, and spins. Since the independently controlled wings can be tilted through an infinite range of angles relative to each other, absolute total control of the kite can be achieved.

The Rev I is the most precise and stable of the Revolution kites. The classic 4 wrap structure makes this Rev I one of the most durable kites on the market, and the 9 foot wing span makes the kite the easiest one to learn on.

Coming back with the Rev Super Leading Edge (SLE) shafts, this version gives you a solid feel with enhanced speed and power. The large size and graphite structure allows performance in a wide wind range. The original, exciting power is back in the Rev I.

  • The Revolution 1 comes with owners manual and kite bag.
  • The Revolution 1 Complete package also includes handles, training DVD, and 150#x85'x4 Spectra line set.

Videos of the Rev 1 Action

Flying in 3-5 mph
(31.7mb download)

Wind RangeWingspanFrameSkill Level
3 - 25 mph108"4 wrapBeginner - Intermediate

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