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Prism Snapshot 2.5


The newest and biggest version of the Snapshot dual-line parafoil series really packs a wallop. This 2.5 square meter wing continues the Snapshot reputation for astonishing speed and crisp, accurate response. But as the wind picks up, watch out! It quickly develops the pull you expect from much larger wings while keeping the awesome speed and maneuverability. Packaged in a great looking bag with 300# Spectra lines, the 2.5 delivers an adrenaline packed workout without the cost and complexity of a quad-line foil.

Snapshot 2.5 Specs Wind Range
4 to 25 mph / 6 to 40 kph

86.5" / 220 cm

Sail Area
2.5 square meters

Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon

Included Lines
300# x 100' x 2 Spectra

Kite Speed


Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

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