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Prism Micron 5 Pack

Starting at: $367.00

Our classic miniature sport kite in a colorful 5-stack, already rigged in a handy new bag that means you can be up and flying in two minutes flat, no fuss, no muss. Snap on the tails for higher winds and you'll always draw a crowd.

Overachievers, of course, are welcome to stack more for even bigger fun. The record is 28 on one set of lines - let us know how many you can handle!

"... like being tethered to a bumblebee on amphetamines!"

- Micron Owner

  • Convenient zippered travel case holds fully assembled stack with room for lines tails, and 5 more kites.
  • Matching tails included for a spectacular show in stronger winds
  • Slower and easier to fly than a single kite
  • Comes complete and ready to fly with precision measured stacking lines pre-installed; just insert standoffs and fly!
Wingspan Pull Speed Skill Level Wind Range Sail
39" Moderate Fast Intermediate - Expert 8 - 25mph Nylon, Mylar laminate

Click Here to Download the Micron Five Stack Instruction Manual

***Comes with One of Each Colour***

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