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Flying Lines

Your kite can be flown on a wide variety of lengths and strengths of line depending on the wind conditions. Longer, stronger lines slow the kite and reduce pull in strong winds, and shorter lighter lines reduce drag and let you fly in the very lightest winds. Many pilots travel with three or more linesets to get the widest wind range out of their kites. For best performance, use Spectra fiber lines for flying your sport kite; Spectra is a high-tech fiber used in bulletproof vests and aerospace applications. It's extremely low stretch and slippery so your kite will respond instantly even when your lines are wrapped.

Lines can wear and break if you fly regularly in fine sand or strong winds. If they break in the middle, retie the ends using a Blood Knot as shown. Then stretch both lines out together and tie new end loops in the longer line so that your two lines are once again equal in length (within 1/2").

IMPORTANT: To avoid making a rat's nest out of your expensive lines, never wind them up around anything but a line winder. If you have to walk out to your kite, always leave the lines fully stretched out on the ground. Don't drag the handles with you or wrap them around your elbow and you'll save yourself hours of untangling.

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