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Frame Repairs

The carbon spars in your kite won't fatigue with use, but occasionally you may break one learning new tricks or pushing the limits in high winds.

Replacing a spar is quick and easy and many pilots carry a few extras when traveling just in case. Spare frame parts for all Prism kites are available direct from our website under the "Spare Parts" tab. If you need a quick reference for the name of the part you need, download our spare part names guide below:

Kite Part Guide

When removing a broken spar, handle it carefully to avoid getting sharp carbon or fiberglass splinters in your hands. As you install the new one, check that fittings and bridles are symmetrical with the other side so your kite stays properly balanced.

We suggest that you purchase genuine Prism parts designed for your kite rather than making them yourself from raw rods, as many of our frames have hidden reinforcements and engineering details that make them stronger than a simple tube or rod. We only sell genuine Prism Parts

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