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Care & Storage

The materials in your kite are durable and designed for a long life with minimal maintenance. Here are few tip to keep it healthy:

Give your kite a pre-flight inspection before you launch to be sure everything is properly assembled,your frame is intact, and your bridle and lines aren't worn. Keep the sail out of the sun when not in use to keep the colors from fading. Beach sand is abrasive and will wear on bridles and fittings, so do what you can to dust off the sand after a session at the beach. Compressed air works great for this if it's available, and a freshwater rinse is a good idea if your kite has been swimming in salt water. Keep your kite out of hot car trunks and avoid using solvents to clean the sail as they can dissolve the adhesives in the seams.

To fold up your kite the way we do at the factory, disconnect the upper and lower leading edges at the joints and fold the lower leading edges up against the upper leading edges. Then fold the leading edges against the spine so all the spars are next to each other. Tuck the standoffs into the sail and roll the sail neatly up to (but not around) the bundle of leading edges and spine. Try to avoid wrinkles as you fold as they break down the coatings in the sail and cause it to stretch out. Use the Velcro strap provided or a rubber band to bundle it all together, and don't forget to include your upper and lower spreaders.

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