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Strong Winds

Before you go flying on a windy day - THINK! Your sport kite can fly faster than 60 mph and seriously hurt anyone in the way. Under tension your lines can cut like a knife. And the pull from a larger kite can easily pull you off your feet if you're not ready to control it.

So pick your flying spot carefully, make sure you know your kite and its limitations, and keep in mind that the wind is usually stronger up in the air than it is on the ground. FLY SAFE!

There are several things you can do to set your kite up for strong winds. The first is to make sure you have the right lineset so you don't break an expensive set of lines. For most kites, you'll want at least 150# lines and for some 200# or even 300# lines are the minimum for windy days. You'll also want to use longer lines. Longer lines (100-150 feet) slow the kite down with their drag, and give you a bigger wind window and more time to react.

Slow the kite down and decrease its pull by adjusting the bridle attachment points. Start at the factory setting, and move the bridle attachment . points down in 1/4" increments until the kite has the speed and pull you want.

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