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Light Winds

Light wind flying is a special skill and the more you do it the easier it will become. The trick is to keep tension on the lines at all times by constantly moving around on the field. Gain altitude by walking backwards, and regain lost ground by walking forward while the kite glides downwind. At first you'll work up a sweat moving around, but as you gain finesse, you'll need to move less to keep your kite in the air.

With practice, and a good ultra-light kite, you can develop the skills to fly in the true zero wind conditions of an indoor gym or hangar.

Use a shorter, lighter lineset on calm days to decrease the weight and drag on your kite, and to give you the control you'll need to make the most of the wind. For most average-sized kites, a 50# x 50' lineset is your secret weapon for those days when the flags aren't moving and the water is glassy calm. Moving the bridle attachment points upward will change the kite's angle of attack and maximize lift (see Tuning and Adjustment).

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